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Fastly Labs offers you the space to interact with new projects at the edge and experiment with next-generation products and experiences. Test drive our in-progress projects and get inspired to execute your own ideas — without sacrificing scale, safety, or speed of delivery. Join us in laying the foundation of an edge ecosystem, and let’s push the boundaries further.

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Run WebAssembly code natively, efficiently and safely

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Lucet is Fastly’s native WebAssembly compiler and runtime, and the engine that powers Terrarium. Lucet compiles WebAssembly to fast, efficient native code, and enforces safety and security when executing untrusted code. The Lucet runtime is designed for embedding in any Linux application, with interfaces in both Rust and C.

With Lucet, the edge is your oyster. You could build an incredible edge compute platform. Or replace scripting engines like Lua with a faster, light-weight system that’s programmable in several languages, including Rust and AssemblyScript. Or you could use Lucet to sandbox C libraries against crashing your entire application. The frontiers are wide open, and there are tons of applications for portable, efficient, and safe code execution that haven’t been dreamed up yet. Lucet is an open-source project, so that we can get there together.

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Fastly Fiddle

Seamlessly trial, debug, and test custom code

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With Fiddle, you can quickly and easily experiment with new ideas on Fastly’s platform — without impacting your production service. Using Varnish Configuration Language (VCL), you can debug issues or test out custom code, get results instantly, and say so long to server set up (and all the other stuff that gets between you and the code). Fiddle lets you tap into the power, flexibility, and speed of Fastly.

You’ll notice when you’re writing VCL code, it saves automatically and syncs to the edge as you’re typing. Meaning, you’re deploying a complete CDN config to production, insanely fast. And there are tons of solutions you can test, from rewriting URL paths, to image optimization, to searching and replacing strings, and much more. Give it a go, and see how it can work best for you.

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Fastly Insights

Help improve network performance at scale

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Insights is a program you can opt into to help improve the internet experience for us all, and most importantly, your end users. This service lets Fastly monitor network performance and gather metrics on things like geographical anomalies — allowing us to push past the status quo, and find the most optimal paths across an ever-changing internet.

As always at Fastly, security is of utmost concern, and Insights cuts no corners here: it’s secure by design, and respectful of you and your end users’ privacy. And beyond improving end user latency for all Fastly customers, Insights also represents the possibilities for edge innovation. This project serves as an amazing example of how people can develop sophisticated applications, almost entirely at the edge.

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